In November 2014, the volunteers introduced a variety of after school clubs to the school: Recycling Club, Art & Drawing Club, Science & Nature Club, and a Reading & Library Club. The aim of these clubs are to further promote the children’s education and creativity.

The Recycling Club is committed to educate the students on various waste related topics and for the students to discover the environmental impact that trash can have. The major focus, however, is on recycling and up-cycling different kinds of trash into useful everyday objects or decorative pieces.

Up-Cycling of toilet paper rolls into caterpillars.

The Art & Drawing club has a wide variety of projects, including different drawing projects like cartoons, different shapes and a Ghana map. They also built the Vakpo Adomi R/C Basic School’s crest out of bamboo and presented it at the schools anniversary on March 14th, 2015. In addition, the club completed a Ghana and Africa map puzzle.

The Science & Nature Club explores many different topics. In this Club the volunteers prepare classes involving e.g. basic science experiments and topics such as nature or ICT (Information and Communication Technology). An electronics box is available in order to explore the concept of electronic circuits with students.

Practicing of ICT skills

The Reading & Library Club was founded because most of the students are not able to read and understand what they are reading. After seeing the results of the reading competition and the donation of several books, a fourth club, the reading club was started. This club gives the students the possibility to take books home from the library or read with the help of a volunteer.