Vakpo Adomi R/C Basic Schools

Vakpo Adomi R/C School is a Catholic school founded in 1911 which has been taken over by the government.

The school complex consists of three parts: the Junior High School (JHS), the Primary School, and the Kindergarten (KG). The JHS has around 100 students, the Primary School roughly 150 pupils and each class is attended by 20-35 students.

The Ghanaian School System

The fundamental training at Ghanaian schools takes 11 years and is free to students at governmental institutions. However the families have to pay for materials such as books or exam fees themselves. Furthermore school uniforms are mandatory in Ghana and those have to be supplied by the students’ families too.

The basic education is separated into two years of kindergarten (KG), six years of primary school and three years of Junior High School (JHS). Children commence with kindergarten when they are four years old, and continue to primary school at the age of six.

At the beginning of every school day pupils assemble on the school compound where they queue according to classes and sing the national anthem.

The official teaching language in Ghana is English but regionally spoken languages such as Twi or Ewe are also commonly used. Subjects include Religious and Moral Education (RME), English Language, Ewe, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

After successfully completing Junior High School, students can continue to Senior High School (SHS) which, however, is subject to a charge that has to be paid by the students and their families. Students that graduate from Senior High School can commence studies at a university or college.