Reading Competition

With the help of the teachers and volunteers, the Azorli Foundation was able to implement a reading competition in November 2014. The semifinals took place on  November 28th, 2014  in which three winners per class were selected. In April 2015 the Adomi R/C School Final was held and three winners qualified for the Vakpo-wide final in July. Other schools in Vakpo were approached and also participated in the competition. On June 26th , 2015 these schools also had their school-finals and three students each qualified for the final.

July 10th ,2015 marked the Date for the first Vakpo-wide reading competition including contestants from Adomi, Fodome and Dunyo schools. It took place at the Vakpo Adomi R/C JHS premises. The winners were awarded with books and writing materials as well as certificates.

The three winners were: 1st place: Caroline Kokroko (Adomi), 2nd place: Ruth Dankwah (Fodome), 3rd place: Ernest Babah (Adomi)

The competition brought out the best in all the contestants and was well received by all teachers involved.